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I wasn't able to put the discount code in

Nina, 02Jun17

Very pleased with how quick it is delivered

Nicola, 11May17

For the second time in a row I am missing an item. No Naan bread this time. Order also took 90 mins not 60,as was suggested.

Chris Corns, 01May17

Always been happy with the good quality of food and service

Chris, 16Apr17

Very nice meal

Mirabel, 08Apr17

Always great food

Jim, 07Apr17

I have been eating food here for years but I have just collected a chicken jalfrezi which is not the usual standard.I have never had one with peas and carrots in. Far too sweet.

Sara Streets, 01Apr17

Always have a great curry from these guys! Best in town

Alex, 26Mar17

Great service in the past, and tasty food!

Chris Taylor, 05Mar17

Never been let down

Dave, 03Mar17


John Freeman, 24Feb17

Great food!

John, 24Feb17

Very nice

John, 24Feb17

All the food was excellent, arrived on time & enjoyed by everybody. The Chinese style dish (Chicken Manchurian ?) was also excellent, Chicken beautifully cooked & in the opinion of us all, a very enjoyable & interesting taste, with a strong hint of ginger & a bit of a 'kick' but not too much so for anyone here. Better than the Chinese food I've had elsewhere, recently.

A Dowler, 23Feb17

Food excellent as always. We came to you following the move from northenden because we like your food. Really disappointed to be charged a pound for delivery by the delivery driver, I can't find anything on the website stating over 3 miles incurs a charge. (3.2 miles on Google maps). Won't be ordering again because of this. Wish this policy was clear and up front. Please remove me from your marketing database.

Michelle Hill, 31Jan17


Navin , 19Jan17

Always really good quality, first time ordering directly on the website, really easy to order and use

Donna Larder, 27Dec16

Veg biryani and jalfrezi sauce were excellent. Garlic naan was fine but it seemed pretty plain, a little underwhelmed. Thanks!

Robbie, 22Nov16

Never disappointed, always enjoy the food!

Demi, 30Oct16

Lovely restaurant quality, at home!

Shan, 30Oct16

Better than the curry mile . and i have tried them all over the years True authentic flavours.we have ordered.from you several times and will continue to do so. Kin regards.Ian.

Ian Sandals, 29Oct16

Saag Paneer was good, Chan Masala unfortunately not. Bread is nice too, thank you!

Zoro, 29Oct16

Good quality food, always fresh and flavourful

Mark, 29Oct16

Not a lot of meat on the chicken makhani. otherwise very nice.

Kathryn Cooper, 14Oct16

Great food ! Lovely Atmosphere.

Vinu, 18Aug16